Solution Study: Prescriptive Maintenance and the Impact on Supply Chain Resiliency in Pharma

These past few years pharma experienced unprecedented supply chain disruptions, a trend which shows no sign of waning. While some disruptions are difficult to avoid, with digital solutions the impact of equipment failure and maintenance can be minimized. Pharma manufacturers looking to support an increasingly diverse portfolio with improved production agility need advanced modeling tools which deliver early warning of maintenance concerns.

In this presentation, we delve into the pivotal role of maintenance within the context of Pharma 4.0 and its profound impact on the health of supply chains. We explore the myriad advantages of leveraging cutting-edge modeling technologies to enhance maintenance practices. Additionally, we provide a compelling real-world example of a pharmaceutical company that successfully implemented this innovative approach.

Chiranjit Daripa, Principal Solution Consultant at Aspen Technology, Inc.

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